Software Integration

By integrating our technology into shop management and point-of-sale software we are able to make the registration process even more efficient. Why duplicate data that is already captured in the POS software? Dealers can simply sell a tire, enter the DOT and register in three easy steps.
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Registration Features

Integrate our registration features directly into the invoicing system. Allow dealers to enter the tires DOT number, check for validation and safety warnings and submit completed registrations to the appropriate tire manufacturer.

Reporting Features

Once submitted, registration records aren't blind to the dealers. Create an access link to our reporting functionality or integrate them directly into your system. Allow dealers to query their records for customers affected by recalls.

DOT Quick Check

Our DOT Quick Check functionality is perfect for car-side digital vehicle inspection (DVI) platforms. Make checking for tire recalls and tire age a part of the regular vehicle inspection process. Never service a recalled or aged tire again.

Explore Our API

Set yourself apart from the competition with the Tire Registration Plus API library. Add value to your customers and keep them in your platform longer. Check back soon for our live documentation.

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