Manufacturer Services

We provide tire manufacturers with a variety of services to help them improve recall recovery rates. We transmit accurate tire registration data directly to manufactures in their preferred method and provide them with an advanced modern platform for managing registration data.
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Registration Delivery

Providing manufacturers with accurate tire registration data is our highest priority. More accurate records lead to improved recall recovery rates and makes our roads safer for everybody. We work directly with manufacturers to transmit data to them in their preferred method.

  • Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)
  • Application programming interface (API)
  • Proprietary file delivery system (FDS)
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Manufacturer cooperation

Premium Management Software

Our advanced management platform eliminates the need for a designee. We provide manufacturers with all the tools they will need to import, host, manage and export tire registration records. Easily query your records and get contact information for consumers affected by recalls.

Looking to improve your tire registration website? Our advanced technology can be integrated into an existing site or embed our customizable form to capture more accurate records online.

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