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Learn more about what makes Tire Registration Plus the industry's most advanced tire registration solution.

Tire Registration

Digital Registration Form

Our all-brand tire registration form eliminates the need to visit dozens of tire manufacturer websites. Register tires digitally and securely transmit them to the appropriate tire manufacturer.

Tire Registration Plus Digital Form

DOT Number Validation

Our advanced DOT validation ensures you are sending more accurate records to the tire manufacturer.

Tire Registration Plus DOT Validation

Exact Match Validation Coming Soon

By working directly with tire manufacturers, we are eliminating the need to enter complex DOT numbers. Simply enter the MSPN or scan the barcode and enter only the last four digits of the DOT number.

Tire Registration Plus Exact Match Validation

DOT Quick Check

Never service an aged or recalled tire again. Use our quick DOT check feature to check every tire that comes through your shop.

Tire Registration Plus DOT Quick Check

Batch Registration Import

Looking for an even quicker solution, batch import registration records exported from your POS system.

Tire Registration Plus Bulk Registration

Tire Recall Search

Search for Recalls

Search for tire recalls by a variety of fields including DOT Number, NHTSA campaign number and tire model.

Tire Registration Plus Tire Recall Search

Recall Details

Get detailed recall information directly from NHTSA. Need more information or documents, we link you directly to the NHTSA recall page.

Tire Registration Plus Tire Recall Details

View Affected Customers

Know instantly if you have customers affected by a recall. See the number of customers affected and quickly navigate to the registration record.

Tire Registration Plus Tire Recall Affected Customers

Registration Recordkeeping

Registration History

Quickly and easily retrieve your registration records and get vital customer and tire information related to recalls.

Tire Registration Plus Tire Registration History

Recall Replacement Status

After discovering that you have a customer affected by a recall, keep track of the replacement status. Keep the customer in your shop and away from the competition.

Tire Registration Plus Tire Recall Replacement Status

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