Tire Recall Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, a tire recall is issued if a safety-related defect poses a significant risk to the owner or if a product is found to be non-compliant with NHTSA standards (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Either a tire manufacturer or NHTSA can issue a recall.
Once the public report of the recall has been filed, the registered owner receives a notice in the mail. The recall notice includes a summary of the defect, the risk(s) it poses, signs to look for, and how to have the recall handled. There are various industry resources for receiving tire recall notices.

With Tire Registration Plus, you can view which customers are affected by recalls in real time through a dedicated dashboard. Our database is updated constantly, so you will know instantly which customers are affected by a recall. This allows your shop to proactively reach out to customers even ahead of NHTSA or the manufacturer.
Tire manufacturers store tire registration data to communicate recall information. Tire registration is mandatory for all tire dealers upon sale, and it is important to keep detailed records of your customers’ information stored in a safe and secure fashion. Tire Registration Plus is a secure digital solution for managing this process.
Having software in place to help streamline the process of registration is crucial! You should always register each new set of tires and update the customer’s contact information whenever you sell a set.