Tire Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Tire registration is a voluntary process that helps protect consumers in case of a safety-related recall. By collecting some basic data such as customer names, addresses and contact information, you can cross-reference this information with manufactured products and create a system to protect your consumers.
If you are a tire dealer, the law requires you to register your customers’ tires. Tire registrations are used to communicate with consumers after tire recalls. When a recall is posted, the defect could pose a safety risk to the public. By registering your customers’ tires and keeping that information up-to-date, you're helping contribute to the overall safety of both your customers and the general public.
For both new and replacement tires, registration should be automatically done at the time of sale. If you’re struggling with this process, Tire Registration Plus takes the guesswork out of tire registration and streamlines the process for tire shops. We also have a mobile app and point-of-sale integration to make the entire process seamless.